CO332 - Heterogeneous Parallel Computing, July-Dec, 2017

Welcome to the CO332 - Heterogeneous Parallel Computing course page. Course related information - Objectives, Outcomes, Syllabus and Rubrics.

Course Content

Programming Paradigms: CUDA and Xeon Phi. Examples of heterogeneous parallel computing solutions. Related important publications from literature.

Reference Materials

Reference Books/Textbooks:

  • Wen-Mei W Hwu, David B Kirk, Programming Massively Parallel Processors A Hands-on Approach, Morgann Kaufmann, 3e.
  • Rezaur Rahman, Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor Architecture and Tools, Apress Open, 2013.
  • Recent publications in IPDPS, PACT, and similar.

Online Courses (A lot of online material is available. Go ahead and find ones that match your taste.)

Course Evaluation

Course components: Programming assignments, Programming tests, Course project, Midsem and Endsem examinations. Your grade will rely heavily on your course project.

Programming Assignments

A2 onwards upload the input, code, screenshots, in an archive on the NITK Cloud. Upload link is in the assignment document.

Sl. No. AssignmentSubmission Date
1 A1 A1 - Introductory CUDA Programming Assignment.. August 4, 9AM.
2 A2 A2 - CUDA - Vector Addition, Image Processing, Tiled Matrix Multiplication.. August 16, 9AM.
3 A3 A3 - CUDA - Histogramming, Stencils.. August 24, 9AM.
4 A4 A3 - CUDA - Scan and Reduction algorithms.. Sept. 05, 9AM.
Course Projects Information, Course Projects - Papers.
M1 Proposal discussion (before Sept. 27) and Submission (Monday, Oct 02). 15% of project weight. Include in the Project proposal: Problem statement, Objectives, Project timeline, Work Distribution among teammates. Max 2 pages.
M2 Mid-progress discussion -- Oct. 23 -- 27. Report Deadline: Oct. 30. 35% of project weight. Include in the Midprogress Report: Progress after the submission of proposal. Max 2 pages. Merge with M1 report.
M3 Final demo. Nov. 13 -- Nov. 17. Project report deadline: Nov. 24. Include in the Final Report: List of objectives achieved, Results. Max 3 pages. Merge with M2 report. Final report should not be above 8 pages.
Format all 3 reports using the IEEExplore latex template. Use the bare_conf.tex template.

Course Schedule