CO200 - Computer Organization and Architecture, July-Dec, 2018

Welcome to the CO200 - Computer Organization and Architecture course page. Click here for the course objectives, outcomes, and the detailed syllabus.

Course Syllabus

  • M1: Computers and Data: Architecture vs. Organization. Frequency, Processor performance. Representation of information.
  • M2: Instruction Set Architecture: Addressing modes. Instruction classes. Handling subroutine calls. RV64I programming.
  • M3: ALU Design: Arithmetic and Logical Unit implementation. Integer: Adders, (Ripple carry, Carry lookahead), Subtractors, Multipliers and Dividers. ALU components, ALU design using HDL.
  • M4: Processor Datapath: Register File, Instruction memory, Data memory. A RV64I datapath implementation. Datapath design using HDL.
  • M5: Processor Control Unit. Instruction interpretation and execution. Combinatinal control, FSM Control, Microprogrammed control. Control Unit design using HDL.
  • M6: Memory Hierarchy: CPU - Memory interaction, organization of memory modules. Cache memory - Mapping and replacement policies.
  • M7: I/O Subsystem: Connecting Processors, Memory, and I/O Devices, Interfacing I/O Devices to the Processor, Memory, and Operating System.

Reference Books

  • David A Patterson and John L Hennessy. Computer Organization and Design – The Hardware/Software Interface. RISC-V Edition. Elsevier. 2018.
  • D Patterson and J Hennessy, Computer Organization and Design - The Hardware/Software Interface. MIPS Edition. 5e. Elsevier, 2014.
  • David A Patterson and John L Hennessy. Computer Organization and Design – The Hardware/Software Interface. ARM Edition. 4e. Elsevier. 2012. (This book is available in the Library).
  • M. Morris Mano. Computer System Architecture. 3e. Pearson. 2007.
  • Hamacher, Vranesic, Zaky, Manjikian. Computer Organization and Embedded Systems. 6e. McGraw Hill, 2012.
  • J P Hayes, Computer Architecture and Organization, 3e, McGraw Hill, 1998.

NPTEL Courses. Matthew Jacob - High Performance Computing, Bhaskaran Raman - Computer Organisation and Architecture, S. Raman - Computer Organization, Jatindra Kumar Deka - Computer Organisation and Architecture.

Course Evaluation

Quizzes, Tutorials, Assignments - 40%, Mid Sem - 20%, Final Exam - 40%.

Assignments/Lab Work

Download and install the RISC-V Toolchain.

Class Lectures